PPC Services

Boost up your sales with our PPC management services. Whether you are new or old in the world of PPC, we help you to drive more traffic to your site by offering your great solutions as per your needs. Your business objectives, competitive advantages, and other differentiators speak our customized paid advertising approach. We at Top At Rank, use the right combination of ad methods and content so that people get attracted to it. We help you to get your own business values in the large market.


Search Engine Advertisement

We do through analysis with the help of search engine and make necessary changes. We put the most relevant keywords in the ads at an affordable price. Your ad will be highly visible that gets you more clicks. We use different paid search platforms that are used by search marketers such as


Google: Adwords

With targeted PPC internet marketing, get more clicks via Google AdWords. We provide text-based search ads, YouTube video ads, graphic display ads, or in-app mobile ads, through which you can reach your audience with AdWords.


Bing Ads

Get the granular control at the campaign and ad group levels with Bing Ads. We help you to reach high-quality customers and amplify your return on advertising spend with our Bing ads service.


Yahoo: Search Ads

Display ads to drive search traffic for competitive terms via Yahoo. With our Yahoo search ads service, you can get high conversion rates and get more click on the displayed ads of your business.


Social Media Advertisement

We offer PPC management services for different social media pay per click such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter etc. With our excellent social media plan, you can target potential clients on social media by targeting job titles, age, interests, education, income, marital status and much more. We use different social media platforms to display ads and get more clicks



Let the people know about your brand with Facebook PPC ads. We help your to let the people discover your business.



Show you ads for lead generation and grow your followers. We help you to convert the twitter user into paying customer.



Drive new customers to your business by advertising through LinkedIn. We help you to get your business in the front of people.